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~Return to Alaska & Our Log Cabin~
August 2008


August 8, 2008~ Well, Aaron and I are finally back in Alaska, and this time we hope for good. We returned to our log cabin, which had not been visited in nearly two years, and found it in perfect condition. I'll admit we were a little nervous about what we may find and were so pleased when we saw her standing proud. The inside didn't even have any noticeable dust!
 Kodi and Tundra knew right where to go as soon as we hit the trail! I'm sure they were in heaven as they ran madly around the woods. We hadn't been able to let them run free in Montana so they had become pretty used to life on a leash.  The trail in was pretty wet due to the very rainy summer Alaska has had this year.  The temperature on our day of arrival was 42...Oh, to be back in Alaska! Nothing like a warm fire in the stove in early August. 

The cabin stands strong!!!



Just a few friendly neighbors we have! The cow to the right demonstrates exactly what you don't want to see when encountering a moose. The ears flat back means it's time to get out, and fast! This calf's mom was about ten feet from her to the right, she saw the interaction and came and let this cow know she wasn't very pleased about it.


This is one muscular calf moose.  They are so awkward with their tiny heads, long legs, and quickly growing bodies. 


A fine bull caribou we made a sneak on



This bull moose was quite entertaining to watch. We found him when we were out on a short hike. He completely submerged himself multiple times as he fed in the pond. 


Alaska is more beautiful than ever...We are so blessed to be back in our home. 


Aaron, Kodi, Tundra, and I on a hike in the Alaska Range.



Tundra enjoying the freedom with living in Alaska.  She's been pushing her limits though; seeing how far she can explore and how long it takes for us to realize she's gone.

The inside....not spotless, but it's a cabin! Good to be home



Kodi is  letting us know how he feels about being back in AK.  Apparently he is pretty excited. 

Aaron takes an some time to do a little scrimshaw at the cabin while Kodi prepares for an evening jog.


Tundra enjoying the water after a jog.  She's not as crazy about water as Kodi.  We got some amazing pictures of the dogs playing in the water. Check out our Alaska malamute page.

Aaron fixing a mean dinner of breakfast sandwiches.  They are really quite delicious.

The dogs wondering what in the world I'm doing outside in the dark



The cabin lights up the darkness.  Can't wait to see some northern lights; it's been a couple years!  See more of our "just back in Alaska photos..."

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