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Our Favorite Books
  Alaska's Wolf Man
by Jim Rearden

(Our review) By far the best book we've ever read about Alaska. See Alaska through the eyes of a young man, full of adventure, back when Alaska was untouched. Join Frank Glaser as he walks the Valdes Trail, becomes a market hunter, and studies wolves for the government from his remote cabins in Alaska's interior.  An outstanding read!

  One Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey
by Sam Keith & Richard Proenneke

(Our review) An excellent book about living in remote Alaska. Richard Proenneke moved to remote Alaska in his 50s and built a cabin by hand and lived there in the wild for some 35 years! A true story of what Alaska is all about.  Probably our second favorite book.

  Alone in the Wilderness DVD
by Bob Swerer

(Our review) A great DVD documenting the entire building process of a small log cabin in remote Alaska by Richard Proenneke when he first left civilization and moved way off the grid.  Surviving sub zero temps, watching wildlife, and learning to live life simply!

  Alaska ~ Silence & Solitude DVD
by Bob Swerer


(Our review) A follow-up DVD to Alone in the Wilderness. Nearly 30 years after Dick Proenneke moved into remote Alaska, Bob Swerer visits and photographs wildlife and sees what life has been like for Dick alone in the wilderness.

  Walk Softly With Me
by Sharon McLeod-Everette

(Our review) A very well written book about hunting in Alaska through the eyes of a female master guide. Join Sharon as she leads several clients to success; and as she faces Alaska's interior grizzly bear while resting in a tent.  Sharon is an example for all women: Hunting isn't just for men anymore!
  Alaska Hunting Adventure : 700 Miles Alone by Backpack and Raft
by Buck Nelson

(Our review) Far more than just a hunting video. This truly shows the raw beauty of Alaska and what remote is all about. Join Buck as he spends 45 days alone Dall sheep hunting, and float hunting for caribou and moose. This is without a doubt our favorite hunting video. A video you can watch over and over!

  Caribou: Wanderer of the Tundra
by Tom Walker
(Our review) When Aaron and I moved to Alaska we knew little about caribou. As we've traveled the roads in Alaska we've had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of caribou on their yearly migration. Caribou are so unique, they travel MILES every year from calving grounds to wintering grounds, and their path is never the same. Caribou have unique antlers as well.  You'll never find two caribou sheds that are even close to the same. Get to know this awesome creature a little better in this book with stunning Alaska scenery.
  MOOSE ~ Giants of the Northern Forest
by Bill Silliker

(Our Review) Amazing photography gets you closer than you'd want to be in the wild.

  In the Company of MOOSE

by Victor Van Ballenberghe

(Our Review) Our favorite moose book. Learn about moose habitat, life cycle, and just about anything else you'd like to know.  The photos are phenomenal!

  A Boone and Crockett Field Guide to Measuring and Judging Big Game
by William H. Nesbitt & Philip L. Wright

(Our review) This is Aaron's favorite book. He takes it everywhere, and always has it out when we bring new antler sheds home so he can score them. Learn to score your trophies or score shed antlers you find in the field.
  Building the Alaska Log Home
by Tom Walker

(Our Review) If you think building a log cabin like ours, looks like something you want to do, this is the book for you. Aaron and I used this book to guide us through most of the process in building our log cabin. Build a cabin that is able withstand the extreme elements in Alaska with the help of this book.
  L Is for Last Frontier
by Carol Crane & Michael Glenn Monroe

(Our review) Ok so this book is a little different than the other ones in this store, but it definitely is in the same class! This is one of my favorite Alaska books. The illustrations are fantastic and the alphabet is better in Alaska than anywhere else I think. Not just for youngsters, this book expands on what we all know as the alphabet.
  The Night Before Christmas
by Clement C. Moore & Bruce Whatley

(Our review) Another book for all ages. Aaron & I love this version of The Night Before Christmas because of the fantastic illustrations. We have a great appreciation for caribou, and the illustrator depicted them so well in this book...their antlers are perfect!
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