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~Alaska Log Cabin in Winter~
Cabin Home Starting Out Log Walls Roof  & Windows Winter Cabin Stairs

Cabinets & Porch

Log  Cabin  Living  2006

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Aaron and I snuggle in and enjoy some heat from our little wood stove.  There are many cracks yet to seal!  It is so cozy in our cabin!  The Christmas lights sure brighten up the Alaska wilderness.


Sept 26-27, 2004

Finally we have a door!

Winter starting early up north. Kodi out running around in front of the cabin.

Aaron cutting the other front window.

Trying to get the window cut before the snow starts blowing.

Caribou mount we made from a matched set of caribou antlers we found our first fall in Alaska.



Windows done! Just need to trim and paint them.


October 3rd- 4th


Finally some nice weather! Winter tried to start too early this year! Hopefully we have a few more weeks of fall weather to tighten up the cabin.

Aaron carving out the toilet with the chainsaw on our new front porch! Still need stairs and a railing though.  Also we nearly finished the door, complete with a locking system and antler handle.

Caulking the gables on the front of the cabin  where the logs have checks or where they didn't fit tight.  The southern wind we get here tends to blow rain right up under the roof and against the logs.



October 9th-11th

Rochelle and Luke decided to join us for a weekend of work and relaxation at the cabin! Luke sanded the toilet down to a more comfortable seat.

Rochelle caulking the back wall of the cabin.


Aaron and I carried the love seat in before our first visitors arrived! Now it sure feels more cozy inside!

Rochelle...the queen of caulking! Caulking between the logs on the south facing side of the cabin.

I was dreading this job! I've had my share of peeling logs! So when Luke jumped at the opportunity I was more than happy to give him the draw knife!

Newly done rock work with rocks from the river! Time for a little relaxation after a day of work!  Much more comfortable than camp chairs.

Kodi knows where to sit.


The view from our couch! Sure glad that snowline is staying up high!

Our living space...so far!

Aaron added this antler coat rack, a nice replacement instead of the nails that were in the wall.

The cluttered side of the cabin! All our work stuff.

Additional trim on the windows and the frames painted green.  More antlers made it on the wall!


All Aaron wanted all summer was to get this moose rack up! Once the log was peeled, we placed it up on our balcony logs.  Next we just need to put the joists in and then the floor boards.


Caribou migrating on the drive home. We saw probably 60, mostly cows and calves!

Of course hunting season is over! But this moose just wanted to remind us as he crossed the road on our way home! This is why I love Alaska!



November 6th-7th

Kitty enjoying the warmth of the wood stove.


Nailing 1X4s for the ceiling boards.

Finally the walls on the outhouse are done, at least three sides.


Still need a roof and a door.


November 20-21

Aaron's huge table.


Christmas lights up to light up the darkness of Alaska.


November 26-27

We got dumped on...maybe a foot of snow in five hours.  But at least it's warm inside.

Perfectly quiet in remote Alaska with the snow falling.

Christmas glow under the snow.

Fixing up the fireplace with more rocks to protect the logs behind the woodstove.

Stained the trim around the windows.

The finished rock work around the woodstove.


Aaron's huge chairs to match the huge table.


March 2005

Mom came to visit for a couple days, and was the first family member to see the cabin.  It was typical cabin weather. Super windy and chilly when we got there. We loaded our packs as usual and headed in.


Good times kicking back in the cabin.  Not a lot of furniture yet, but it is cozy sitting in a camp chair next to the stove.  We played cards and had lots of good laughs.  We all slept downstairs under the big windows and were blessed with a fine display of the northern lights.


A hike up above the cabin to see the outstanding views of the crisp late winter sunset! 


The World Ice Carving Championships in Fairbanks were fascinating.  People are pretty talented!


Aaron and I at the cabin! We don't have many of these pictures of us both together,  so it is nice to have them! The cabin is standing steady after its first winter!

Cabin Home Starting Out Log Walls Roof  & Windows Winter Cabin Stairs

Cabinets & Porch

Log  Cabin  Living  2006

Return to Alaska 2008

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