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~The Gables and the Roof~

The walls are up, now we finish the loft, and the gables go up with the purlins and ridge pole.  Then comes the art of putting a square roof on a un-square cabin.  The rush is on to beat the snow!


Aug 22-24th


Tikki torches light up the dark and create a cozy glow within our log walls.  We finished the loft supports, tomorrow we will complete the floor.




A lazy bunch!



Aaron & Adam measuring joist placement on  the loft logs.  I thought they looked pretty cute!




With the floor nearly finished we start on the gable ends We are down to slim pickings for logs to use for the gables!



Some serious burgers...a good reward for long days of hard work.  Usually we snacked on gummi worms, chips, and cookies; so the burgers were a much needed meal!



Smoky skies!


The view of the "to be" loft deck.




Aaron and Adam fitting the gables. 



Once we got to the height of the purlins, we started on the other side with the gables.


Sept 10-15, 2004


Cold mornings. Kodi is bundled up in his sleeping bag!

The south side gables up to the point of the purlins. How we got the purlins up I don't know!




Aaron & Adam working up the gables to the ridge pole. We are almost out of workable logs!



Chainsawing the long v-notch and hammer the wood chunks out.  These little gable logs are much faster than the wall logs!

A balancing act on a flimsy 2x8.




The ridge pole is up!



We put the frame for the roof together in four pieces, it was difficult to get it square as there was no place flat to build them. Then we had to chisel the purlins, cap logs, and ridge pole down until all points touched.



We should have kept working on the other side of the roof, but dark came upon faster than we'd planned for. We weren't ready for the crumby weather the next day.



A wet (rainy and snowy) day. Temps hovered at about 30 degrees. Not a safe job, putting a roof up with wet logs and wet plywood.



Only one more section to go until the inside stays dry!


Aaron cutting the first window out.




Everyone, including Kodi, was cold. We had a pretty good fire roaring out in the burn pit, so we could warm up when we couldn't stand our frozen fingers anymore.



Aaron slid off the roof one time.  He was on the plywood, putting up the steel when his foot slipped and he went shooting off to the ground. Luckily he didn't get hurt.


Adam left on Sept 18th. He never had a chance to enjoy a sealed and warm cabin. 
(Thanks Adam for all your help)


Sept 19th-20th

Wood stove compliments of Kathy Joy (fellow nurse at Alaska Regional Hospital).

Started the roof insulation to keep some heat in.




Still working on the woodstove foundation and backing of rock and concrete!

View from the inside near where the kitchen table will be.



Finally some windows to keep out the blowing cold! Also notice our chimney!  Finally we have some warmth too! Actually starting to look like a home!


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