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Log  Cabin  Living  2006

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~The Log Walls~

Now that the foundation is started, the walls are next. Time to learn how to scribe well, and see if we can get a tight fit on these logs. Watch our cabin take shape.


July 25-27th

Start of weekend, only three boards on floor and two logs each side.

Half way through day, half the floor done, glued and drilled.



Adam and I glued the 2X6s and wedged them in for Aaron to drill.

Taking a dinner break at about 9pm for burgers, figured we'd lure the bears in..



Slept out on floor the first night. Really windy this weekend...Aaron was surprised when his sleeping bag blew off him in the middle of the night.

Aaron and his long notch, only need insulation now.



Our logs have lots of taper.

Chiseling  a notch in the bottom log, as the upper log had gotten too thin to take more wood off.



Scribing the logs.  We must have the worst logs to scribe with all the knots.

Nearing the end of the weekend, almost finished 12 logs scribed and notched.  Floor finished.




Finished for the weekend, finally starting to look like a cabin.


Aug 1-3

Started our weekend out rainy. Created a tarp overhang to try and keep us and the logs dry, as we found that I couldn't scribe on the wet logs.




Preparing to fit the log in place.



Rainy weather  was short lived, next morning it was clear as a whistle.  Adam looks pretty scary with his chainsaw.  Can't think of a better back drop for a cabin.


Aaron sawing the long notch.


Adam and I working on chiseling around the knots scribed on the long notch.



The outdoor throne.  No walls until this fall, but the view is great.  The Toilet however needs some help.  It works, but it is pretty rough and scratches the behind.  Still needs some work.


The view from the outhouse.  Pipeline in the distance.


Finished the weekend with 16 logs put on the walls.


Aug 8-10

The front porch to be.


Chiseling  the round notch.




Finished  the weekend putting 10 new logs on the walls, and unfortunately cutting and peeling 7 more logs for the walls.


Aug 15-17

Starting the weekend with our last relatively dry log, from now on we would be working with green, freshly cut logs.  Aaron chiseling the long notch.

Our doorway getting taller and taller.




The boys always sleeping in.  I'm up by 7am, but they don't usually get moving until 8am.  Notice the pistol next to Aaron. Somewhere in there is also a shotgun and a rifle. Bears beware!



The question is how to get a green log up the highest side.  The process is lifting on back, shoulders, or whatever you've got left to lift with and hope all goes well.  We even used our homemade ladder to wedge under the log when it was too high to reach!



A balancing act!



Aaron keeping balance by holding a rope that goes across the cabin, while Adam does some sawing.

Scribing from up high.



And end to another day, our cabin has finally progressed from a stage, to a deck, to a fort.  Ah, and summer is ending as it is dark by 11:00pm. 



Rough notch for the largest log yet- a 15 inch butt,  and of course it was green and heavy.  Wish I could have gotten pictures of us lifting this log up! 

More chiseling and fitting.



Chiseling what is definitely the largest round notch ever.


Aaron drilling into the wall for wooden dowel.



Aaron is exhausted on his third day of back breaking work. Hauling green trees is no easy task.

Adam taking a break while Aaron works.



Finally finished the walls!  After cutting down 9 extra trees, all of which were BIG, we reached approximately 7 ft.

Cabin Home Starting Out Log Walls Roof  & Windows Winter Cabin Stairs Cabinets & Porch

Log  Cabin  Living  2006

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2017 Bunkroom



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