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Nothing is quite as impressive as a functional piece of art. Our antler chairs are a commanding part of any interior design.  Each chair is handcrafted with antler balance, strength, and comfort in mind.  We can upholster our chairs with any fur or leather, or if you have another idea please let us know.

Our antler chairs are built primarily with moose and elk antler, though occasionally we incorporate deer and caribou antlers into the design.  


"The Bone Throne"

Our high back moose and elk antler chair upholstered with caribou hide, standard leather, or hide-on-hair leather.

This antler chair is made with both moose and elk antler. The moose antlers provide the back leg support and the elk provide the front leg support as well as the armrests and the framework for the back of the chair. The antlers are fit together with symmetry in mind.  The chairs shown above are upholstered with caribou hide.  

The chairs shown below are upholstered with leather and with leather wrap on armrest.



"The TROPHY Bone Throne"

Our Trophy Antler Bone Throne is relatively the same design as the original Bone Throne, but all elk antlers used in the chair are from 350 inch class bull elk. 

Available in standard leather as well as hair on hide leather.

Price: $5750



"The Bone Throne II"

A variation from our original Bone Throne.  The "Bone Throne II" is made of only elk antlers.  This particular antler chair is upholstered with hair-on-hide leather and with wrap upholstery on armrests as well.



"The Reclining Bone Throne II"

Our adjustable back antler chair is made of elk antlers.   The back can be more upright or recline back in position as seen in pictures.  This chair is upholstered with hair-on-hide leather and with wrap upholstery on armrests as well.



Trophy Antler Sofa

To accommodate more seating we offer our Trophy Antler Sofa, this sofa is made with elk antlers that are all from 350 inch class bulls. 

Available in standard leather or upholstered with hair on hide leather.

Price: $12,000


Antler Sofa

Antler Sofa with brindle cow hide. The base is made up of elk and moose antlers.

Price:  $7800.00




Our antler benches are constructed with a mix of elk and deer antler and upholstered with leather. 
Benches pictured below are 42" L x 16" W

Price: $1950

Custom size antler benches available, below is pictured 60" L x 16" W

Price: $2250

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