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Elk Antler Chandeliers & Lighting


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"Big Sky" Elk Antler Chandelier

One of our larger elk antler chandeliers. The diameter 65-68" with five six point elk antlers making up the circle and 6 more up the center to the peak.  The height is 60".  We make this chandelier with 10 or 15 lights.







Custom Two Tier Elk Antler Chandelier

Two tier elk antler chandelier made for The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.   All antlers were supplied by the Conservation Center.  The chandelier stands 7' tall and is 6' wide.



Elk and Whitetail Antler Bar Light

Elk and whitetail antler chandelier with three down lights and rawhide shades. This light can be used over a dining table, bar, or pool table.  The chandelier is oval shaped with approximate dimensions of 55"L x 26"W x 32"H.

Price: $2895.00

elk and deer antler chandelier


A smaller variation of our dining table or bar light is made of elk and deer antlers with only two down lights.



Mission Mountain Elk Chandelier

Our medium elk antler chandelier has a total of seven elk antlers.   Four large six point elk antlers make up the bottom of the chandelier, while three medium six point antlers run up and to the center.   Diameter range from 44" to 48" and height is approximately 3'.   Eight lights with copper light covers.



Mission Mountain Elk Chandelier- 7 antlers

elk antler chandelier


Basic Single Tier Elk Antler Chandelier

Single tier elk antler chandelier with five naturally shed elk antlers.  Two lights per antler, all light have copper aged copper sleeves.
Approximate dimensions: 48"W x 26"H

Price: $1950.00

elk antler chandelier



Double Elk Antler Pendant Light

Two elk antler pendant light with 8 lights


Elk Antler Pendant

Single elk antler pendant light

Price: $650



Custom Elk Antler Bar Light

This light was built uniquely for a customer for a special location in her home.  Per her request, rather than hang it from her high ceiling we attached it to the wall with iron accents.  The light is made from eight naturally shed elk antlers with five lights. 
Length: 80 inches,  Width: 24 inches,  Depth: 20 inches

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