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Whitetail Antler Pendants

Small whitetail antler pendant light with three antlers.  Perfect alone or in a small group of three pendants for your entrance, or over a bar.   This pendant can also be made with mule deer antlers.

Price: $275.00



Mule Deer Antler Pendant

Small mule deer antler pendant light with three mule deer antlers.

Caribou Antler Pendant

For your larger entry, our caribou antler pendant is a single bull caribou antler. 

Price: $650


Elk Antler Pendant

Single elk antler pendant light

Price: $650



"Mini Starburst" Chandelier

A smaller version of the "Starburst" Chandelier. This sphere shaped whitetail antler light has 3 lights. Diameter between 24-30. This light is a perfect accent piece or pendant for your smaller spaces.




Single Moose Antler Light

A single moose antler light with five lights. Light bases are made from copper.

Price: $750



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