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Custom  Antler Lamps and Hand-painted Shades

All shades are sold separately from the lamp bases. Antler lamp bases are made from moose, elk, whitetail, mule deer, and caribou antler per customer request. Shown below is a two antler whitetail table lamp. All lamp shades are hand painted on the inside of the shade; when off you see a very natural looking shade, and when turned on the scene on the inside jumps to life with a golden glow.  Our lamp shades can be made in any size and with any scene, again your requests are encouraged.



Elk Antler Floor Lamp

Elk antler floor lamp made from three naturally shed elk antlers.  Light fixture is mounted on copper with barbed wire accents.  Lamp is 67 inches from finial to floor. Shipping not included.

Price: $895.00 (shade not included)




Elk Antler Lamp  Table

A functional piece of lighting for your home. Our elk antler floor lamp holds a custom cut piece of walnut wood with inlay glass top.  Base of lamp is built from moose and deer antler. 

Price: $1850 (shade not included)





Moose Antler Table Lamp

Moose antler table lamp with rawhide shade, and antler finial. Sizes vary by antler.

Price: $395.00 (shade not included)



Deer Antler Table Lamp

Antler lamp bases made from mule deer and whitetail deer antlers.  Heights vary from 15inches to 18 inches tall.  All wiring is hidden from view except where cord exits antler base. Shades are not included in lamp base price.

Price: $295.00




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