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Moose Antler Chandeliers & Lighting
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"Mount Magnificent"
Round Single Tier Moose Antler Chandelier

"Mount Magnificent" is a different style of moose antler chandelier. Four large moose paddles make up this antler chandelier with twelve lights, candelabra bases are patina copper.

Price: $3450




"McGinnis Peak"
Single Tier Moose Antler Chandelier

Five moose antler chandelier with nine lights.  Three antlers base  diameter is 50". This is an example of our standard five moose antler chandelier. No two are the same as all antlers vary.

40 inch diameter McGinnis Peak   $2450.00

50 inch diameter McGinnis Peak   $3050.00

60 inch diameter McGinnis Peak   $4150.00
70 inch diameter McGinnis Peak   $6450.00

moose antler chandelier

moose antler chandeliers




 "Mount Hayes"
Three Tier Moose Antler Chandelier

Three tier cascading moose chandelier with 17 lights.  Light base made from copper with barbed wire.  Diameter 52" and overall height 56".  Sizes may vary.

Price: $6750

close up of large moose antler chandelier



"McHugh Peak"
Single Tier Moose Antler Chandelier

This chandelier has seven moose antlers, four make up the base and three are upright. The four base antlers each have 3 lights, for a total of 12 lights with copper bases. We offer four different diameters for this chandelier.

40 inch diameter McHugh Peak   $2800.00

50 inch diameter McHugh Peak   $3400.00


60 inch diameter McHugh Peak   $4500.00


70 inch diameter McHugh Peak   $6800.00




Single Moose Antler Light

A single moose antler light with five lights. Light bases are made from copper.

Price: $750




Moose Antler and Fallow Deer Antler Wall Sconce

Double light Moose antler and Fallow Deer antler wall sconce on iron wall plate. Available with or without rawhide shades.



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