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Alaska Hunting

Little compares to spending seven or eight days in Alaska's remote areas hunting for Alaska Yukon moose, grizzly bears, black bears, barren ground caribou, Dall sheep, and mountain goats. We have had the pleasure of spending what time we could hunting these amazing animals. Aaron grew up hunting; and I grew up in a hunting family, but until we came to Alaska I never thought I'd actually partake in the hunt. I remember when we first were married, we had a conversation about the number of "mounts" we'd have in our house someday.  The limit then was five. Now I can't say there is a limit because every animal I see is a trophy, and if taken should be treated as such! Lucky for Aaron and I we've only gotten one moose because I don't know if we could get many more in our home. Hunting is a labor of love! Watching moose at close range; calling them in with bull grunts and cow calls, is like nothing else. Putting my crosshairs on a grizzly is an unbelievable feeling; and then watching it saunter away is a feeling I can't describe. The animals in Alaska are mostly big and dangerous; to be able to sit in their presence is a humbling feeling.
Aaron and I often joke that all our vacations are spent working, but I can't imagine spending a week at the beach doing nothing, or a day at the mall, when I could be climbing the alpine tundra in Alaska. The hunting we do is hard; we do all our hunts by foot. It is possible to be successful in Alaska on the road system, you just have to walk further than the other guy....and boy is it rewarding!

We finally had to split our hunting page into a couple different pages since the load time was too slow with just one page.  The galleries are divided into different years of hunting in Alaska.  We also have a small gallery of past Montana hunting pictures.


2012 Hunting Season

2006 Hunting Season


2005 Hunting Season


2003-2004 Hunting Season


Friend's Alaska Hunts


Check out our MONTANA hunting pictures here.

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