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2005 Friend's Alaska Hunting Success

A bunch of Montana boys~

Our Alaska friend Scott Brown drew a brown bear tag on Kodiak Island.  His buddies, Mick and Steve, came up from Montana to join the hunt! 

And they were very successful and blessed with beautiful weather. 


I believe the end tally was one beautiful Kodiak brown bear, four blacktail bucks, and two caribou! 

Then they were crazy enough to have trusted the float out to a bunch of inner tubes that they blew up with a bike pump that broke on the first tube. They did manage to rig it to work. They had to float 13 miles in the cold on this little setup. 


Now that is hunting!



Scott & JJ Brown Hunt 2005

Fellow Montanan friends, Scott & JJ, made a trip into the Kilbuck Mountains with their fathers. Scott's Dad, Kevin, shot this nice bull caribou; and JJ brought home this nice griz from the Alaska peninsula. 


Fellow Oregon hunter, Andrew, looks like he had buckets of fun on this hunt in 25A in Alaska! Nothing like a moose in the water and then a little snow to top it off. It is amazing what hunters will put themselves through.... 


Scott's Hunts 2003

Scott and Mick with Mick's caribou.


Scott found one with similar qualities to himself  Kodiak Blacktail 2003 

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