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2003-2004 Alaska Photos

Visit from my Brother Jeremy February 2004

A great day to be on top of the mountain. Some views from the ski lift on Alyeska.

Jeremy and I snowboarding at Alyeska on a perfect day in February. Nothing like 8 inches of powder to wreck in.


Aaron's first time on a snowboard. He looks pretty good.

Jeremy, Aaron, and I snowshoeing with Kodi near Skilak Lake on the Kenai Peninsula.

A beautiful day in Homer, AK



Our new family member! Kodi, an almost 4 year old, 146lb Alaska Malamute joined our family in the middle of November.  He fits in well with us!
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Down on the Kenai Peninsula, follow moose tracks on an icy winter day. 

A successful Christmas tree hunt

If there every was a cat with more attitude!


Out with new Christmas skis on a bitter cold day.

Kodi showing off his new boots.  Keeps him from balling up snow on his paws.  At first he wasn't sure he could even step on them!


As of December 23, 2003, we have gotten some 60inches of snow.

Our Christmas Kodi.

April 2003

April 11th (Easter), a northern light show.

Crystal clear day in Valdes, AK.


More northern lights

Filling up on gas five hours north of Anchorage.  The gas up north always is at least 30 cents more  expensive, so we haul our own.

View of the Alaska Range.



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