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July 2006

My son Kyle finally made it Alaska for a five day fishing trip with Aaron and I, as well as my brother and one of his friends.  I'm lucky to have such a great friend - Melinda- who was our guide (she is a crazy fishing lady!!!) 

Kyle's first fish of the trip, and first for the group.  Aaron (on the right) with a jumpy one...

Then it was my turn...we were fishing on the Kenai for reds, and I couldn't believe it when I actually caught one!  They are pretty fun to catch! Kyle netted this sucker for me!  My first salmon since moving to AK  (I'm obviously not a fisherwoman). 


Kyle was great! He took over netting, and bleeding out the fishing.  He's definitely a fisherman! He put in some serious hours on the river, hanging out with my brother until midnight still fishing!

There is nothing more special than the moments we shared! We don't get to see each other very often, so every moment is a treasure! These pictures only capture a blurp of it!  I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful son, and we're so lucky that his parents believed in open adoption!  Kyle is such a special part of my life!


Aaron and Kyle showing off some dandy fish!  It was the second day before Aaron landed his first red!  Kyle can hardly hold on to his monster!

 August 2005

My mom, dad, and brother Jeremy visit for some sockeye and silver salmon fishing.  Looks like a pretty happy fisherman!


Jeremy's first fishing trip to Alaska!....and he nailed them. Lots of sockeye and silvers.


Mom sporting a nice sockeye salmon on the Kenai River.




View across Cook Inlet.

  Mom & Dad on the Kenai Peninsula
August 2003


Aaron couldn't keep them off his hook. He caught these two beautiful silvers in a matter of minutes.



This is how a person fishes in Alaska...Or at least how they should fish. Where there are salmon there are bears.



Mom snagged two beautiful silvers after almost being pulled out to sea by their fighting.  She went in twice. She called it her "baptism by the sea."



Dad with his silver on a perfect day .


Mom and I at sunset over Homer, AK.



My Parent's Obsession...Fishing Fever. They just couldn't wait for summer!


Mom and Dad on snowshoes hoping to do some winter fishing on their favorite Montana river!



I wonder how warm that water is?  I enjoy fishing, but winter fishing is for the birds.. (or my mom and dad)

Fishing Buddies!


Northern Pike

Aaron's 16lb Northern Pike.


Aaron's dad (Greg) 23lb,  25lb Northern


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